Stretching piercings 101

Alright so here we go! (OH BTW! Just a little disclaimer: I am not a doctor or professional piercer, all of this information was acquired from personal experience and extensive research)

So You Wanna Stretch Your Ears??

Sounds like a good idea right?

FIRST OFF… some people will call it “Gauging” … Gauging is basically another word for measuring. You do not “measure” your ears.. you stretch them.. Same with plugs.. they’re called PLUGS, tunnels or eyelets NOT gauges. That’s a major pet peeve of mine. But now that we’ve got that out of the way! Onto the different methods of stretching!



  • These are a cone-shaped tool which you insert and SLOWLY push through the piercing to stretch it
  • You do not wear these are jewelry, once it is pushed through you insert a plug in right away
  • Although I have seen tapers made out of acrylic and wood (OUCH!) stainless steel tapers are the best
  • Once you reach a certain point (4g-2g) tapers should no longer be used, they can cause tears and blowouts


  • After a nice hot shower massage your lobes with your favorite oil
  • Lube up the taper with the oil
  • GENTLY push the taper through the piercing, if you feel any resistance STOP your piercing is not ready.



  • With this method you wrap tape around your plug and add a layer every 2-3 days until you have reached the next size
  • It is best to use PTFE tape (plumbers tape) or Bondage tape, these tapes do not have adhesives
  • Although some people can use electrical tape and get away with it, others develop allergic reactions


  • After a nice hot shower massage your lobes with your favorite oil
  • Wrap 2-3 layers of tape around your plug, coat it in oil
  • GENTLY re-insert the plug into your piercing
  • Repeat every few days until you have reached the next size!


PROS and CONS of different plug materials!



  • Cheap
  • Readily Available
  • Comes in many different colours


  • Ear “cheese”
  • Porous
  • Cannot sterilize properly






  • Readily Available
  • Easily sterilized
  • Lower priced     
  • Great on a freshly stretched piercing


  • Ear “cheese”
  • Can adhere to skin during the winter and cause irritation
  • Can be very uncomfortable to sleep on





  • EXTREMELY comfortable and lightweight
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes in many different colours


  • NOT for use on fresh stretch
  • Can cause allergic reactions





  • Great for a fresh stretch!
  • Comes in many different colours and styles
  • Moderatly priced


  • Since they are hand made sizes are not always true to gauge
  • Can break (they are glass afterall)





  •  Tends to absorb all ear “cheese”
  • This is as natural as you’re going to get


  • Tend to be a little pricey
  • NOT for fresh stretch
  • Tend to dry out your ears

 And there you have it! Just a quick 101 guide! Later on I will explain the importance of sea salt soaks and daily cleaning! 🙂


Stretched ears!!

For the last 3-4 months I’ve been stretching my ears! (as in ear lobes)… And I’ve finally reached a 2g! (which is pretty much my goal size!) So here are a few pics to show off my ears! and plugs!!!


I also got a pair of custom made frozenfire pink galaxy plugs.. but those are impossible to do justice! I cant even get the camera to take a nice pic of them so I’m not going to put pics up of those ones…yet!

Ohh I also got my tragus pierced! Will put up pictures of that later!

Samhain! Long time no see!

Well a lot has changed since my last blog post ALOT! First of all! We’ve moved!! Same city just a nicer area of town. I still want to keep this blog mostly spiritual BUT I’m definetely going to include all my day to day stuff and yeah! WOO! 🙂

So anyways I celebrated Samhain a day early because that was the only day I’d get a chance to celebrate it! I had a nice quiet ritual, I lit a candle to represent the past year and blew it out halfway through the ritual… very releasing! I also did a guided meditation which was AMAZING! and I also did a tarot spread, which I could use some help on!

i basically shuffled the deck until cards fell out

for the cards representing  the past I got :

  •  3 of Swords
  •  XIX The Sun

Present :

  •  9 of cups

Future :

  •  I Magician
  •  3 of Cups
  •  3 of Coins


The main thing I noticed about these card is the number 3 … it appears 6 times (theres 3, 3s in 9) and 6 is 2 times 3 … and three represents the end of a cycle if I’m not mistaken? but I’m not sure I’m second guessing myself.

Full moon/reconnecting ritual

Ok so I dont really see the point of “Cross quarter holidays” (such as beltane) but thats because I find the solstices and equinoxes that much more important. But whatever thats my opinion!

Anyways Ive been meaning to have a ritual for a while now, mostly to consecrate my new prayer beads which I LOVEE (and will be posting pictures later on) and to basically re-connect with nature. And the whole ritual went down so beautifully I feel recharged and definetely more grounded and connected now 🙂

I also made my first incense blend!!

  • 1 part Frankincense
  • 1 part Lemon Zest
  • A few drops of satsuma oil

And it smelled soo good I will definetely be making a bigger batch of this stuff!! Mmmm!!

Everything is going pretty well in my life right now I honestly can’t complain! I’ve also COMPLETELY gotten out of the closet around my boyfriend John. Yes before he knew I was pagan and interested in as he says it “the occult” but I came right out to him and told him “I’m a witch and I do spells… now dont piss me off!”  Haha just kidding about the last part! I just made it clear to him that this is what I believe and I would like him to respect my choices, he doesn’t have to agree with them, but the least he can do is let me believe what I want without him making fun of me.

So far everythings been AWESOME! 🙂

Blessed be!

PS: My kitty got too close to some of the candles during my ritual and I was too focussed to realize, and she burnt the tip of her whiskers off.. It’s super cute though!

It’s gotta be magic!

Sorry for the lame post title, its not that important.

What is important? The fact that I have THE most awesome job I could’ve gotten! My first day was monday and since its the end of the week and i have done incredibly well I’ve got a good feeling i’m gonna have this job for awhile!

The boss is the nicest lady ever and the staff is just one big happy family. And I LOVE it.. And i’m 85% sure that one of the girls is pagan! (theres only 6 employees so can you imagine!?!)

Anyways LOVE the job and there is no doubt in my mind that this was because of my spell 🙂

Other then that I’m going to a bbq tonight… It was so sunny and nice yesterday that we thought today would be the same. Yeah.. not in Calgary… It’s hailing right now! But it is just gorgeous!

Anyways I’m really happy right now thats why I figured i’d post this to let you guys know how im doing

Magic is Scary.

 No, i dont mean that it physically scares me… I’m talking about when something happens and you KNOW it’s cause of a spell you’ve cast (or something similar)

Here’s my story. Lately I’ve been getting into spellcraft, at least more then I have in the past. And well for the past 3 months I haven’t had a job. This last week I made a deal with myself. If i don’t find any salon jobs by the end of the week, that’s it, it’s a sign. I shouldn’t be in this industry.  So I went and handed in 4 resumes (doesnt sound like alot but thats all the salons in my area). One of them told me there’d be an opening in june and the three others barely even looked at my resume before pretty much telling me to look somewhere else.

I was fed up. I did a job spell (well it was mostly just taking a ritual bath and burning a specific candle) I blew out the candle and forgot about the spell. The next day I lit it up again cause I just wanted to light some candles… Well the WEIRDEST thing happened. The phone started ringing. I pick it up and it was one of the salons, asking for me to come in the next day and try out the salon (to see if i’d mesh well with everyone). I turn around and guess what… My job spell candle had completely burnt down. And it couldn’t have been burnt down for more then 10 minutes… I was paying attention to it the whole time…I think this is more then just a coincidence.

Today I had my trial shift. I’d give the first walk-in client a haircut.. I nervously waited a good half hour before anyone walked in… The first guy who did wanted a buzz cut… THE easiest haircut. Everyone who works there seems to be one big happy family, there’s no cliques or anything. The salon is near my house, it’s gorgeous AND the owner is the nicest lady I have met on this side of town in awhile. I’m getting a call tomorrow on whether or not I got the job, but it’s looking REALLY good 🙂

So you tell me… Magic or Simply a coincidence?

Blessed be!

I spoke too soon!!!

Well… As with most of Alberta we got hit with crazy winds last night! It started raining and then next thing you know… It looks like a blizzard outside!! Our power went out at 6PM and didn’t go back on until 6AM. This morning we woke up with a good 2-3 inches of snow on the ground. I’m not shocked that it was snowing in april.. I’m used to that… Its the fact that it was 20*c that afternoon! (I think thats around 70-75*f) Either way! It was crazy!!

It really makes you think about how people lived 100 years ago. I mean I got up to make myself tea and I couldnt even boil water! And since our phones are wireless none of them worked!! (I was actually surprised) After the first few hours my phone died and so did the Ipod. You really dont realize how much you rely on electricity to do every day things! I mean even going to the bathroom! We don’t have windows in there so I had to bring a candle in with me!

And as much as all of that was a hassle I kind of feel bad for the people who live right beside our neighborhood… They had ALL their lights on the whole time. This might make me old fashioned.. But when I leave a room I turn the lights OFF… Doesn’t anyone do that anymore?

You’re not doing anything for the environment OR your wallet by leaving those lights on.

But basically even though I hated not knowing what time it was (all our clocks are digital) It really made me go back to the basics… Which was actually pretty nice. We woke up when the sun came up… Not because the clock said it was time. I honestly think more people should live like this… You know a more simple kind of life. You feel like you’ve accomplished alot more at the end of the day.

Blessed be!

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